In Linux, we can use ! to execute commands faster. such as !! or !-1 or up arrow to execute last command, use !prex to run last command that starts with a specific word.

We can do same thing in PowerShell.

Get-History: alias h
Invoke-History: alias r
Call r to execute last command.
Call r prefix to execute last command that starts with a specific word:
r ant               Run last ant command.
r “git push”        Run last git push command: notice if there is space in the prefix, we have to put them in double quotes.

Use get history to show id of commands, then run:
r id(for example r 3
The Invoke-History cmdlet accepts only a single ID, if we want to run multiple commands, run r 3; r 5
The Last Command:  $^

Run Multiple PowerShell in Tabs Mode
Use ConEmu to run multiple PowerShell in tabs mode
Another option is console2.

ConEmu – The Windows Terminal/Console/Prompt we’ve been waiting for?

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