The Problem
Eclipse default encoding is Cp1252, This will cause Eclipse output non-English characters as question marks(?) or some weird characters in the console.

Change Encoding Globally
If we want to change the text encoding globally, we can open Window -> Preferences -> General -> Workspace. Change the Text file encoding from default Cp1252 to UTF-8.

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Or we can change file.encoding in eclipse.ini by adding:-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8, then restart Eclipse.

Change Encoding per Application
If we just want to change console encoding for one application, open Run As –> Run Configurations, click the Common tab, change the encoding from default to UTF-8.

Test Code
The following test code will get default file encoding, and print chines words: 大家好.

public void testDefaultEncoding() throws UnsupportedEncodingException {
    PrintStream sysout = new PrintStream(System.out, true, "UTF-8");
    //print 大家好

Change log4j encoding

Interactive native2ascii
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