One of reason I like Linux is because it’s so east to complete common (administration) tasks via the shell or scripting.

But sometimes, we have to work on Windows, and not able to install cygwin.
Luckily, Microsoft provides PowerShell, and it’s integrated with Win7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and later Windows release.

Power Shell is cool and useful, it’s different from Linux’s Shell, as it’s completely object-oriented.
Extract lines from files
Get first 10 lines as head -10 in linux
Get-Content -Path my.csv -TotalCount 10
Get last 10 lines as tail -10 in Linux
Get-Content -Path my.csv | Select-Object -Last 10
Get-Content -Path my.csv | Select-Object -Index(10)
Get the 10th to 100th lines
Get-Content -Path my.csv | Select-Object -Index(10..100)
Get 10th and 100th lines
Get-Content -Path my.csv | Select-Object -Index(10, 100)

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Search recursively for a certain string within files
Get-ChildItem -Recurse -Filter *.log | Select-String Exception
Get-ChildItem -Recurse -Filter *.log | Select-String -CaseSensitive -Pattern Exception

Tail -f in PowerShell

Get-Content error.log -wait | Where-Object { $_ -match “Exception” } 
-match is case-insensitive. -cmath is case-sensitive.

Find the five processes using the most memory

Get-Process | Sort-Object -Property WS -Descending | Select-Object -First 10

Delete all files within a directory

Remove-Item foldername -Recurse

Rename all .TXT files as .LOG files in the current directory:
Get-Childitem -Path *.txt | rename-item -NewName {$_.name -replace “.txt”,”.log”}

Restart-Computer –Force –ComputerName TARGETMACHINE
Run a script on a remote computer
invoke-command -computername machine1, machine2 -filepath c:\Script\script.ps1

Using Get-WmiObject
List all WMI classes:
Get-WmiObject -List
Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_ComputerSystem 
Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_BIOS -ComputerName .
gwmi win32_service -filter “name like ‘Oracle%'” | select name 
gwmi win32_service -filter “startmode=’auto'” | select name,startmode
(gwmi win32_service -filter “name=’alerter'”).StopService()

via Blogger http://lifelongprogrammer.blogspot.com/2013/12/commonly-used-windows-powershell-commands.html