The problem
At workplace, my desktop machine is connected to 2 monitors, I mainly use the main display, use the second monitor as remote connection to other machines. – I think this’s very common at workplace.

I am bothered by this problem of Chrome for a long time: 
1. When I try to download a file(Eclipse in this case) from Chrome, it opens the  Download Dialog. See below:

2. At that time, I may go to some other application: I may check explorer to check folder, or some message application may pop up, or I may just go to other application: notepad++ or anything.

The I found out I can never find the Download Dialog again: I go to that Chrome window, there is no the Download Dialog; ctrl-Alt can’t find it either. See below:

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The Workaround
Today, I found a workaround: Click “Close Window” on the Chrome window, because there is an open Download Dialog, Chrome will bring the dialog front. Now we can save the file or cancel download. After that Chrome will NOT close the Chrome.
This is a problem Chrome team should fix it, but anyway I have a workaround, so not bother me that much any more.
Issue 110807:dialog boxes are hidden behind the browser window

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